Engineered Fire Systems Fire Suppression System Design and Installation

Keeping your company’s valuable equipment, facilities, and employees safe from the potential of fire damage is about more than having a few fire alarms and a sprinkler system. At Fire-X, we have the experience and trusted knowledge needed to understand your facility’s unique fire-suppression system requirements, ensuring you get the most effective, least damaging system available. With our in-house engineering department and NICET-certified design personnel, we design custom fire systems to suit your needs while also ensuring NFPA compliance.

Our Fire-Suppression System Products Include:

Hardware, Equipment, and Fixtures

  • Storage Tanks
  • Piping
  • Discharge Devices

Suppression Agents

  • Inergen
  • FM-200
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Water
  • Foam Agents

Detection and Control Systems

  • Analog Addressable Systems
  • Conventional Systems
  • VESDA Detection Equipment

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

  • R-102 Restaurant Fire-Suppression Systems
  • Dual-Agent Restaurant Fire-Suppression Systems
  • Overlapping Appliance Protection Systems

Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

  • Dry Chemical Skids
  • Dry Chemical Piped
  • Twin-Agent Units
  • I-101 Industrial Fire-Suppression Systems
  • Explosive Prevention and Detection Systems
  • Spark Detection Systems