Restaurant Hood Fire Systems Experienced, High-Quality Fire Protection Systems

Fire-X specializes in offering turnkey restaurant hood fire system design, engineering, product sourcing, installation, inspection, and maintenance services. As a factory-authorized distributor and installer for ANSUL restaurant hood fire-suppression systems, Fire-X offers a range of products which can be precisely tailored to virtually any commercial kitchen by our in-house engineering staff.

ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Fire-Suppression System

The Trusted Industry Standard for Restaurant Fire-Suppression Systems

Designed to be integrated into commercial kitchen ventilating equipment, such as hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters, the R-102 restaurant fire-protection system flexible enough to be adapted to almost all commercial kitchen applications. The R-102 system dispenses ANSUL’s highly-effective ANSULEX Low-pH Liquid Agent, which knocks down flames quickly and cools hot surfaces, generating a vapor-securing blanket which helps to prevent re-flash. In the appliance-specific design configuration, R-102 systems are aimed at the specific hazard areas of each appliance, delivering targeted suppression capabilities in the event of a fire.

ANSUL R-102 Overlapping Restaurant Fire System

The Utmost in Flexibility with the Same Trusted Fire-Suppression Capabilities

In addition to the appliance-specific design configuration, Fire-X can also design and install ANSUL R-102 systems in an overlapping discharge configuration. This overlapping design does not target specific areas, but instead delivers an overlapping zone of protection, regardless of the configuration of the appliances below. With the added flexibility of R-102 overlapping systems, our clients can arrange and rearrange their cooking appliances however they choose without the need to redesign or reconfigure their fire-suppression system.

ANSUL PIRANHA Dual-Agent Restaurant Fire System

The Only Agent-plus-Water Hybrid Restaurant Fire System on the Market

The PIRANHA dual-agent restaurant fire system represents the best features from two fire extinguishing agents: the fast flame knockdown and securing power of wet chemical along with the quick cool-down capabilities of water. PIRANHA systems offer twice the coverage of single-agent systems, cool down cooking oils up to 15 times faster than conventional systems, use up to 60% less chemical agent, and employ fewer and smaller agent storage tanks.

Amerex KP Restaurant Fire-Suppression System

Appliance-Specific Coverage to Meet Your Specific Fire-Suppression Needs

The Amerex KP restaurant fire-suppression system delivers appliance-specific coverage, typically representing a lower initial cost. The KP system is ideal for many locations, such as fast food chains, casual dining restaurants, cruise ships, and school cafeterias, where kitchen appliance location is fixed.

Amerex ZD Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Delivering Added Flexibility for Reconfigurable Commercial Kitchens

With the Amerex ZD restaurant fire suppression system, you receive the additional flexibility needed to reconfigure your kitchen appliances without moving or redirecting your fire suppression nozzles. This makes ZD systems more cost effective in the long run for applications including fine dining, culinary schools, military facilities, hotels, and hospitals.

KIDDE Fire Systems Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Offering 24-Hour Automatic or Fully-Manual Wet Chemical Fire-Protection Systems

The Kidde WHDR wet-chemical fire-suppression system is a cost-effective, pre-engineered fire-protection solution designed for a quick, easy installation. Offering unmatched coverage from fewer nozzles and flow points than the competition, WHDR systems take less time and cost less money to install while exceeding the stringent UL300 standard and complying with NFPA 96 and 17A standards as well.