Vehicle Fire-Suppression System Equipment From the Seasoned Industry Experts at Fire-X

Fires damage and destroy numerous off-road, heavy industrial, and commercial vehicles and equipment every year, leading to billions in dollars of damage, lost manpower, and downtime. This is especially true for vehicles with high-pressure hydraulic systems and hot exhaust manifolds as well as vehicles operating around flammable gasses, coal dust, and other combustible solids. Such vehicles will benefit from having a customized vehicle fire-suppression system sourced, designed, installed, inspected, and maintained by the expert technicians at Fire-X.

Applications for Vehicle Fire-Suppression Systems Include:

  • Mining Vehicles and Equipment
  • Refuse Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Loaders and Haulers
  • Landfill Equipment
  • Forestry Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Off-Road Equipment