Marine Fire- Suppression System Servicing Installation, Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, and Emergency Repair

Protecting your marine vessel with a properly-designed, installed, and maintained marine fire-protection system is not just about securing insurance and ensuring compliance with regulations: it is also crucial for protecting your people and your equipment. Fire-X is your source for vast knowledge and experience in marine fire systems, which enables us to provide comprehensive services to our clients, from new system design and installation to the servicing of existing marine fire-suppression systems.

Marine Fire-Protection System Services Safeguard Your Vessel and Your People while Saving Money

Commercial and government marine vessels, from fishing vessels to tankers, tug boats, and even aircraft carriers, all experience significant fire risks while at sea. A wide range of potential ignition and fuel sources combine with being long distances from the nearest port to make fire a huge threat to virtually any ocean-going vessel.

Our Marine Fire Systems Protect Many Areas on Vessels, Including:

  • Cargo Spaces
  • Engine Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Paint Lockers
  • Machinery Spaces
  • Switchgear Spaces
  • Thruster Rooms
  • Lube Oil Rooms
  • Galleys