Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems Fire-X Serves All Commercial, Industrial, and Government Needs

No matter how effective your facility’s fire-suppression system, it will fail to protect your employees, equipment, and other assets if your fire detection and fire alarm systems are inadequate or poorly maintained. Fire-X is proud to design, install, inspect, and repair virtually any fire detection and fire alarm systems, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, cutting-edge equipment.

Our in-house NICET-certified fire alarm system designers specialize in custom tailoring fire detection and alarm systems to meet your facility’s unique requirements, as well as your budget. We are capable of installing, inspecting, and servicing both conventional and addressable fire-detection systems with infrared, ultraviolet, heat, and linear-beam fire detectors. Fire-X will make sure you have exactly the right system in place for the potential hazards within your facility, and we will also help you ensure you maintain compliance with insurance and NFPA requirements.