Fire Extinguisher Training Services Fire-X is Your Source for Virtual and Live-Fire Training

Learning the proper way to fight a fire with a fire extinguisher is fundamental to protecting yourself and your business from danger and costly fire and smoke damage. Even if your facility has the appropriate number of properly-maintained fire extinguishers, they will not be very useful in the event of a fire if no one on your staff knows how to use them. To serve clients throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic states, Fire-X proudly offers a range of fire extinguisher training services, helping you and your staff gain crucial knowledge and experience in operating fire extinguishers.

Virtual Fire Extinguisher Training With Our Fire Extinguisher Training Simulator

Fire-X’s fire extinguisher training simulator is the perfect way for you and your employees to learn proper fire-fighting techniques without starting any real fires or being put in any danger. We can simulate a variety of different scenes and scenarios, immersing the user in interactive computer-generated images with audio and visual effects. Our fire extinguisher simulator also enables a large number of people to gain significant experience without the cost and cleanup associated with discharging a live fire extinguisher.