Fire-Suppression Systems from Fire-X Complete System Installation and Servicing Capabilities

Whether you are seeking the custom installation of a new state-of-the art fire-suppression system or you need your existing fire-suppression system inspected, tested, recharged, or repaired, Fire-X is your source for expertise and reliability. Our factory-certified technicians rely on over a century of combined experience to deliver precise installations, thorough inspections, and top-quality maintenance services for virtually any variety of commercial, industrial, or government fire-suppression system.

Fire-X Installs, Inspects, and Services a Wide Array of Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems, Including:

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • Foam Water Sprinkler Systems
  • Water Spray Sprinkler Systems
  • Water Mist Systems
  • Spark Detection and Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems, Such as:

  • Inergen
  • FM-200
  • Halon
  • CO2

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems, as Found in:

  • Paint Spray Booths
  • Furnace and Generator Rooms
  • Gas Stations
  • Hazardous Material Storage Rooms